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Meltdown21: Part 2 - Kill the dogs and get it

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Dogs are inferior to humans but most human beings admit that they provide superior service as faithful guards. Such (under)dogs also exist among college employees. Few such teachers were removed from teacher's council despite providing years of service. It is to be noted that most of them were very active members of the admission committee. Even some very efficient non teaching staff received extreme humiliation.

As works for examinations were going on, the 15 years old main website of the college was suspended by sending an official order. A new website was launched by copying all content from the old website including the outdated one. But the new website sported at least one new thing - photograph the the TIC herself. Communications through the official email of the college was carefully restricted. But soon it was learned that a new agency will conduct the admission process for the first semester this year. Admission committee was under tremendous pressure after this change. Another problem was that many new applicants did not know about the new website and old one was closed. Admission process started and went on with many omissions and hiccups unlike previous years but rate of enrolment was far from satisfactory. Till date it is not clear that how many students are actually interested to continue with the college. Most importantly, even after all these admissions college did not receive the fees in bank account of the college.

Meanwhile, working atmosphere of the college further degraded and all teachers of the college signed a petition to GB for removal of the teacher-in-charge. She was removed by the GB on 20/09/2021. This was published in Uttarbanga Sambad on 21/09/2021. Please note her attempt to accuse Dr. Shanti Chhetry even after all these events.

After this removal it was learnt that many important documents of the college are missing. Only verbal assurance to return them was received from the outgoing TIC till date.

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