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Meltdown21: Part1 - Working without peace (Shanti)

This photograph was taken on 1st March 2021. Our principal, Dr. Shanti Chhetry has become vice chancellor of Gour Banga University and he was instructed to join within a very short time. Employees are bidding him farewell. Although everybody is glad for his achievement, they are also worried about the vacuum it will create. Obviously those who worked with him knew that it is no ordinary vacuum. He was an expert in all administrative works and an workaholic. Moreover he was such a leader that the laziest employee of the college happily devoted all available time and energy to complete an assigned task.

Governing Body of the college appointed the senior most teacher available as teacher-in-charge. Employees who were in charge of various activities provided utmost cooperation to their new leader. Promotion of students to next semester and conducting online classes for them was the first challenge, which went well. Conducting university examinations as per the new and strange guidelines was the next major challenge. Though without adequate resource, examination committee of the college commenced the work with an unprecedented effort. But everybody was beginning to feel a change in the atmosphere of work. While in college, nobody dared to smile! Even the college whatsapp group of teachers fell nearly silent. Humiliation stories were floating in air but nobody dared to discuss about them in public because there were also reports about some persons working as secret agents in return of some favour. Admission for first semester was going to be next major task but nobody was much worried because over many years this college has developed a perfectly working system. Nobody could imagine what was going to happen. But more of that in the next post.


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